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Over 800 years in Captivity


The government denies it. Yet today there are more than 69 people (20) were members of the Black Panther Party) locked up in U.S. prisons because of their political actions or beliefs. The U.S. alone among the world’s governments maintains the fiction that it holds no political prisoners. The official position is that all those jailed for politically motivated actions are “criminals.” (If they were just criminals based on time served plus good time they would be back in the community and to their families)…By labeling political prisoners as criminals, the U.S. government has also been able to shield from, view serious human rights violations against them.


Political Prisoners are the victims of the US governments’ counterintelligence program. Code name: COINTELPRO. A covert and illegal project conducted by the FBI aimed at surveillance, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting. Tactics used: psychological warfare, smearing individuals and groups, using forged documents, planting false reports in the media, wrongful imprisonment, and illegal violence, including assassination. The finding of the Church Committee in 1976 stated “The legal questions involved in intelligence program were often not considered and often time disregarded. The Intelligence community violated specific statutory prohibition and infringed on the constitutional rights of American Citizens: First Amendment (right of speech and association).” Although Hoover identified the Party as a “threat to the internal security of the country” he boldly stated that it was the Party’s Free Breakfast for Children program, not its weapons of self-defense that made the Party so “dangerous”.

“I thought that my cause, then and now was noble. They might bend me a little bit. They might cause me a lot of pain. They may even take my life. But they will never be able to break me.” Albert Woodfox

Sacrifice is an intricate part of a people’s struggle for freedom, justice and independence. Our brothers have made enormous sacrifices for liberation. The least we can do is to remember their names and get involve with the campaign to gain amnesty and freedom for ALL political prisoners…

What has it cost the Taxpayers to keep the Political Prisoners behind Bars…?

It has cost over $14million and the cost is rising because as an inmate age over 50 years his health care expense increases. Every inmate is entitled to health care. The cost is estimated to be $150,000 ea. annually. For the 21 Political Prisoners the cost is over $3.1 million annually.

What you can do for the freedom of Political Prisoners? Let your voice be heard help build a mass movement: organize, support and let your elected representative know that the freedom of Political Prisoners are one of the issues you are concern about. Join along with the Jericho Movement and call for a hearing on COINTELPRO. “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”…El Hajj Malik EL Shabbazz